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101% True Facts About Body Modificationz

b-luesheep said: ok, like is this real? no offence but some seem really off...

Yes, all of our facts are 101% true. 

lovepigshatecops said: ummmm where do u get ur sourcez lol

All of our sources are without a doubt very reliable, and have also been checked by an expert team of Rabbits, AKA our ‘bodmodbunniez’ that proofread and verify every fact submitted and/or posted. These rabbits are licensed experts at many varying types of body modification and are highly qualified, if not overqualified, to be working for our blog.

Anonymous said: yew guyz shood post moar about sw33t tatz


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lauvra reblogou sua foto

Omfg I have two, I’m definitely getting abducted. Wait. Mine are just skin divers.. Am I safe, AM I SAFE????

One really great way to make sure you don’t get abducted, if you aren’t sure, is to run around your house three times and sing the alphabet backwards and drink Fresca while doing so. It doesn’t always work but it worked for me and 2 of my friends.

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